Sichuan Coremer Material Co., Ltd. is a national High-tech enterprise which jointly established by ICM (Institute of Chemical Materials) of CAEP (China Academy of Engineering Physics), Fusion Group and Technology Transfer Center of CAEP in 2005. To response the national technology called for construction of Mianyang Science & Technology City, promoting military civilian integration and developing dual-use, ICM of CAEP become a shareholder with proprietary technology of PPS modified composite achievement transformation and technical support. Coremer obtain level 3 confidentiality of Chinese research and production units of weapons and equipment and has been identified as Provincial-level Enterprise Technology Center by Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department.

Now Coremer has nearly 20 professional and technical personnel with middle and senior titles, and has world-class equipment for materials physics, materials chemistry and materials processing, which has established an Enterprise Technology Center in cooperation with the ICM of CAEP. Coremer has now undertaken special projects including the NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission), the Military Technology Popularization of National Defense Science and Industry Bureau, the Technology-based SME Technology Innovation Fund, the Sichuan Science and Technology Plan Project, the Sichuan Industrial Technology R&D Fund Project and the Dual-use Technology Projects of CAEP, using high-end customers such as Changhong, JEZETEK, BOE, Samsung and LG as cooperation platforms, mainly replacing DOW, PHILIPS, SABIC, Teijin and other internationally renowned brands, and are gradually becoming an important new force in construction and development of Mianyang Science and Technology City.

In order to further enhance our core competitiveness, Coremer has developed High-light Reflective PC Film, High Thermal Conductivity PC and other new materials such as Extrusion Grade PA, PBT for building materials based on the existing product PPS series, Halogen-free Flame Retardant PC Film series, Halogen-free Flame Retardant PC Reinforcing Materials and Light Reflective Materials. And Coremer adhering to development essence of “National Defense Technology and Military Quality”, we stick to the growth model of technology drives the rapid development of the company, and achieve the goal of "Earning Profits for the Company, Enabling Talents Self-realization, and Creating Value for the Society".

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