Apr. 2016

Automotive brake valve body special materials-PET G35 was successfully developed, and become the only domestic supplier to replace imported materials.


Chasing the dream

Feb. 2018

Built pilot production line of ASA rubber powder synthesis, special silicone rubber and military pore-forming agent.

SGS reviewed and issued ISO/TS16949:2009 Management System Certificate.

Jun. 2015

Build advanced materials pilot laboratory with ICM and Materials Institute of Southwest University of Science and Technology.

Successfully developed ultrasonic weldable nylon materials-PA6 G40, and has become the only domestic supplier of HAWORTH in USA and ITOKI in Japan.

Jul. 2015

Oct. 2014

LED polymer composite material-PA-705 was successfully developed, and has become a qualified supplier of FSL and GE.

Nov. 2014

Successfully developed Halogen-free flame retardant film grade PC -FRPC100, and has become a qualified supplier of Samsung.

May. 2010

The first company to develop a Primer-free decorative frame material -PBT 4500 in China, and has become a qualified supplier of SL vehicle lights in Korea.

Nov. 2012

Sichuan Coremer Material Co., Ltd. was founded.

Feb. 2005

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